CapeCoral.Global has been founded by Susan and Marcus Haritos as a group for Sunset Palms Vacation Rental LLC, Bavaria HMS INC and Masu's Cleaning Service LLC that the owners and guests have everything from a single source. With our many years of experience in the field of services, we know that home owners or vacationers are mostly looking into the Internet like Google for a service or vacation home, as well as for sightseeing in the vacation region. CapeCoral.Global stands for the GLOBAL all around the customer and guest.

We at CapeCoral.Global offer various services from a single source. Whether it is buying or selling real estate, the construction of a new house or the remodeling of their home. From pool construction, pool service, electrician, lawn service, we offer our long-term experience in property management.

We have a principle motto ... Enjoy Florida's best and we'll take care of the rest.

As mentioned, Sunset Palms Vacation Rental LLC is a member of the CapeCoral.Global Group, as well for the rental agency, Bavaria HMS INC for Realtor, and the property management of the vacation houses. And our cleaning company Masu's Cleaning Service LLC. has existed since 2007 and has serving since lee county and the community of Cape Coral.